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How to Hit Great Fairway Woods - Technical Thursday #95

How to Hit Great Fairway Woods – Technical Thursday #95

How to Hit Great Fairway Woods – Technical Thursday #95

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I have always felt the fairway woods are a good barometer of the state of my game. You have to catch the shot right at the bottom of the arc!  Catch the ball slightly on the downswing and you will get a smothered shot that will have no carry.  Catch the ball slightly on the upswing and you will hit it thin.  Again with little or no carry!

The two causes for not hitting the ball at the bottom of the arc are the breaking down of the lead arm, sometimes called the chicken wing.  And the raising of the spine angle sometimes called raising your head.  Tension causes the spine angle to change.  The muscles on either side of the spine tense up, causing the spine to raise up.  People usually call this picking up your head. But because the head is attached to the spine (I hope) the head automatically raises up.

The ball position should be opposite your lead heel.  This is the point that is the bottom of your arc if you are shifting your weight and turning through the ball correctly. To see the ball position explained in more detail visit https://www.ritson-sole.com/blog/easy-ball-position-solution/

So, the two keys to hitting great fairway woods are keeping the lead arm straight through impact and keeping the spine angle constant through impact! Start small and get the feel of the club brushing the grass as you go through, to confirm that you are controlling the bottom of the arc.  Then let the swing get slowly longer until you reach full swing.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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