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How to become a great pitcher of the golf ball

How to become a great pitcher of the golf ball.

Today is February 10th, 2018 and we present How to become a great pitcher of the golf ball.  Short Game Saturday #74.  A Golf Video Blog with Director of Instruction and Master Professional Mel Sole. How many times have you hit the ground behind the ball when you have had a short pitch or chip around the green?  Hundreds, right?  Well, how many times have you practiced these shots? 

If you do not practice, how do you expect to get better? Head to the range after watching this video and learn how to be a great pitcher of the golf ball with deliberate practice.  Deliberate practice is going to the range and surely and deliberately working on a problem until you have totally eradicated it. 

The Technique to become a great pitcher of the golf ball.

By drawing a short line on the ground with some marking paint. (available at most hardware stores) Place the ball slightly ahead of the line. (not too far, that would be cheating) You work on hitting the ball after the line.  By increasing the body rotation and swinging less with the arms you will notice that this shot gets easier and easier.  The line is there to give you the feedback you need as you practice.  If you are hitting before the line, increase your body rotation. After a few weeks of deliberate practice, you will become a great pitcher of the golf ball.  Something you have always wanted to be!

P.S. Please note, on Monday rewind I promised I would reveal a putting stroke error I noticed with Dylan Fritelli’s putting stroke.  This will be covered next week.  This week I had a special request from one of my students who was having trouble with his pitch shots, hence this weeks tip.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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