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How Important is Wrist Position at the Top - Technical Thursday #77.

How Important is Wrist Position at the Top – Technical Thursday #77.

How Important is Wrist Position at the Top – Technical Thursday #77.

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Well, it controls your clubface angle throughout the golf swing—both on the backswing and on the downswing.  If your lead wrist and your clubface do not match, you will have difficulty squaring the clubface at impact.  

A golfer like Paul Azinger had a very strong grip. His wrist was quite cupped at the address and the top of the swing. To prevent the clubhead from flipping over at impact, he had very fast hips, which prevented the clubhead from passing his hands through impact.  If the clubhead passes the hands, the clubface will close, and a pull or a hook will result.

Tiger Woods has a neutral grip, and if he moves his body too fast, the clubhead races ahead of his hands.  He will hit a lot of shots off to the right.  He has to work hard on matching his body and his arms to get good results.

So you can see that the grip and the wrist position at the top have a huge effect on the shot’s outcome.  Ensure your wrist position at the address and your wrist position at the top of your swing match.  If you cannot see this, ask a friend or the local pro to check for you.

Other Advantages.

Do you tend to Slice? You want to have a stronger grip, and your wrist should be cupped at the top of the backswing.  This will allow those who do not have a good release to square the clubface at impact still.

For those of you who hook, do exactly the opposite.  Move your upper hand to a more neutral position and have your wrist flat at the top.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – How Important is Wrist Position at the Top – Technical Thursday #77.

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