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How Golf Practice Can Be Fun.

How Golf Practice Can Be Fun.

How Golf Practice Can Be Fun.

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It’s surprising how many golfers think that lessons alone will make them better. But that’s like getting a pill from the doctor and not taking it. And I know some of you feel that practice is boring and not really productive. So let’s change it up!

It would be best if you quantified your practice to really improve.

How Golf Practice Can Be Fun.

To enjoy practice, make a game out of it!

For example, let’s say you go to the range to improve your chipping. Take 4 tees and stick them in the ground in a circle about 20 feet from the hole, in a North, South, East, and West position. Count out 20 balls and try to chip them so they finish inside the circle. Then count how many actually finished inside the circle. If 8 balls are inside the circle, that is your result for session #1.

The next day (or the next time you go to the range to practice your chipping), repeat the drill with the goal of landing 9 or more inside your circle. If you don’t improve on your first total, you must do it again until you’ve landed at least 9 in the circle before you can quit.

Practice this drill over a period of time until you can get all 20 balls in the circle. (This might take you a couple of weeks or a couple of months depending on your skill level) Once you have accomplished getting 20 in a 20-foot circle, make the circle a little smaller, say 15 feet, so it’s a bit more challenging for you. The point is that you are constantly improving your skills, and you can measure that proof clearly with this drill.

Tee Shots.

If you want to hit the ball better off the tee, let’s quantify your practice with the Driver. Pick out 2 targets, one left and one right, that can mark the boundaries of a fairway.  These are slightly more narrow than normal. (these can be trees, poles, bunkers, etc.) Count out 20 balls. Hit 20 balls only on your first day, trying to land as many as you can within your “fairway.” If you hit 9 between the markers, you need to plan to hit 10 or more successfully on the next day you practice.

If you don’t improve from the first day, you must keep hitting balls ’til you land at least 10 in the fairway before you go home. Then, making the landing area slightly smaller than a regular fairway, when you go out on the course to play, the fairway will look a little wider! So now you can see How Golf Practice Can Be Fun. 

Measuring your improvement and challenging yourself will make practice much more fun and productive. So try it and let me know what you think!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – How Golf Practice Can Be Fun.  I certainly make mine fun!

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