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How a Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge made a Difference!

How a Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge made a Difference!

How a Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge made a Difference!

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How a Mizuno Wedge made a Difference!

The Mizuno MP T5 Wedges all still have Mizuno’s “Grain Flow Forged” technology!

As golfers get older (like myself), we start to lose distance.  I started to notice this after my 60th birthday.  I lost about half a club.  By my 64th birthday, I had lost a full club.  BUT, I am still scoring the same.  My handicap has not gone up because of my distance loss.  WHY?  Because I now concentrate on my wedge game and my putting.  I have managed to maintain a 1.3 index even though I do not play golf these days due to a hectic teaching schedule. (thank heavens)  Whether you have lost distance or not, good wedge play can really make a difference, and the right wedges in your bag can facilitate that.  John Diekmann, writing for http://www.golfdashblog.com, gives his experience with a new Mizuno Wedge.

 Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge.

First, my disclaimer; I play Mizuno irons (paid for with my own money) and love them. Most every golf club reviewer remarks on the wonderful feel of Mizuno forged irons because of the steel they use and their Grain Flow technology. I won’t try to explain why it works, but it creates a great feeling club face and you’ll know it as soon as you hit one flush.

Mizuno’s new MP-T5 wedge series uses the same forging process and then adds what they call Quad Cut grooves and 5 different sole grinds. Mizuno actually varies the width and depth of the grooves on their wedges based on the loft. It all adds up to something special that opened my eyes and pleasantly changed my game.

Let me give you a little background.

I’ve been playing a mixed bunch of wedges for a long time. I’ve got a Titleist that’s probably 20 years old, a Cleveland that’s at least 12 years old and a Ping that’s around 8 years old. I like all of them and was well pleased with their performance. I never considered that I needed to upgrade UNTIL Mizuno sent me a 54 degree MP-T5 with 8 degrees of bounce.

What’s really different about this wedge and what I already own is the grind and the grooves. If you read a lot about clubs and technology, then you know that tour pros have been ‘grinding’ their wedges for a long time. But that’s for the pros, right? We amateurs don’t need and wouldn’t appreciate it. WRONG!

Read more at : http://golfdashblog.com/mizuno-mpt5-wedge/

Source :     golfdashblog.com  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures : Mizuno USA

Thanks for reading – How a Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge made a Difference! Maybe your wedges will make a big difference to your game!

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