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Hitting a really High Golf Shot - Trouble Shot Tuesday #94

Hitting a really High Golf Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #94

Hitting a really High Golf Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #94

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This week we discuss hitting the ball with a really high golf shot.  In this case, we have some distance to go but either has a high tree in the way or needs to carry a bunker and land the ball softly on the green.  I am going to hit a 5 iron which for me is about 180 yards.  So if I have to carry the ball some distance but clear the tree, this is how I do it.

The Method.

Make sure the ball position is slightly more forward in your stance than normal.  In my case, off the instep of my lead foot. One of the big keys here is not to try and hit it high by falling back or hitting the ball of your back foot at impact but to make sure you still have proper weight shift and a full follow-through!  Your upper body stays steady, which keeps the head slightly behind the ball at impact.  You are catching the ball right at the bottom of the arc.  Make a couple of practice swings before you play this shot and exaggerate the follow-through.  Then step in and hit a nice high shot that will land softly on the green!

Please make sure you work on this shot on the range before trying it on the course so you know the approximate height you can expect with your various clubs.  Work on hitting the ball high with all your iron shots from a Pitching Wedge to your longest iron and even some of your hybrids.  By knowing what to expect when you face this shot on the course, you will have the confidence to pull it off!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Hitting a really High Golf Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #94

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