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Have you heard of the Mediocre Golf Association?

Have you heard of the Mediocre Golf Association?

Have you heard of the Mediocre Golf Association? Neither had I!

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No Skill Required.

This group of fun but not highly skilled golfers formed the MGA in San Francisco in 2006. It is now a global operation with 1,200 members (and growing) in four countries. Wow! The handicapping system they use penalizes good players (anyone with an index lower than 18) instead of giving strokes to poor players. The winner of a Mediocre Golf Assoc’n tournament will not be a sandbagger and should turn in a “truly so-so performance.” No scores lower than 80 are allowed!


Bring your less than stellar golf game to Henderson, Nevada Nov. 11 – 12, 2016, and compete for the Mediocre Golf Assoc’n World Championship. I love this!

Thanks to Josh Sens at golf.com for this fun story.

Have you heard of the Mediocre Golf Association?

Participants in the Mediocre Golf Association World Championship.

Photo: Courtesy Mediocre Golf Association


If you’re not playing for your paycheck on the weekend, there’s a good chance you’re no better than an average golfer.

Or, to put it bluntly, odds are you’re mediocre.

And, boy, do we have a golf tournament for you.

Registration opens soon for the Mediocre Golf Association World Championship, which takes place Nov. 11 – 12 at Revere Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas.

Yeah, we said November, three months from now. But mediocre golf requires some effort. And some planning. To qualify for the event, you have to be a member in good standing of the Mediocre Golf Association, an organization devoted to exactly what its name suggests. (From now through the end of the year, a basic membership will run you $24.99.)

You also have to have played in at least three local events on the MGA Tour, which are held every month in dozens of cities from March through October in the run-up to the World Championship.

And what, exactly, is the MGA Tour?

Think of it as the PGA Tour, with the first letters swapped out and all those really good golfers exchanged for mediocre ones.

Check out the rest of the story!

Source: golf.com  Josh Sens  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Mediocre Golf Association    David Merwin

Thank you for reading – Have you heard of the Mediocre Golf Association?  It sounds like a weird group!

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