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Golf Putting Posture and Ball Position - Short Game Saturday #95

Golf Putting Posture and Ball Position – Short Game Saturday #95

Golf Putting Posture and Ball Position – Short Game Saturday #95

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Last week we spoke about putting grips, and the options you had to choose from in order to become a good putter.  Today I am going to talk (and demonstrate) the correct posture for you and the correct ball position.  The one important aspect of your posture is that your eyes should be directly over the ball.  This is going to help you aim the putter correctly.  If your eyes are too far back or too far over the ball you will get an optical illusion.  This will make you aim the putter incorrectly.

Eye Position: The ideal way to get your eyes over the ball is to use a Putting Mirror.  This will immediately identify your eye position at address and help you develop a posture that will allow you to get over the ball correctly time and time again on the golf course.

Ball Position:  I have never seen a good putter have the ball position back of centre.  So make sure your ball position is centre or forward of centre.  Experiment with various positions until you find a ball position that is comfortable and allows you to hit the ball slightly on the upstroke.  This is what most good putters do. In order to achieve this, place three coins behind your ball on the practice green and practice hitting the ball without hitting the coins.  This will give you the slightly upward arc that will give the ball really good roll with very little skid!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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