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Get rid of the Chicken Wing Today - Technical Thursday #76

Get rid of the Chicken Wing Today – Technical Thursday #76

Get rid of the Chicken Wing Today – Technical Thursday #76

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Most ladies that I teach have the Chicken Wing.  What is the chicken wing?  When the lead arm breaks down through impact.  This raises the bottom of the arc and causes the golfer to top the ball or hit the ball along the ground.  Most of the time I hear people say “Oh, I lifted my head.” This is very rarely the case.  It is far more often the chicken wing.

Correction for the Chicken Wing.

Start off using your golf bag, or something similar and stand about 3 feet away.  Take the club back to about parallel to the ground and then SLOWLY bring the club through and touch the golf bag with the toe of the club as demonstrated in the video.  This will give you the feel and understanding of when the lead arm turns through impact.  This happens a lot faster than most golfers think. Make sure you do this with the lead arm.  Left arm for right-handed golfers.  If you use the trailing arm you will sometimes get a scooping motion where the trail hand scoops under the lead hand.


Start with small shots.  Don’t try and hit the ball more than 20 to 30 yards getting the feel not only of the rotation of the lead arm but the ball striking the center of the clubface and going dead straight!  You cannot do this in a full swing if you cannot do this with small shots.  Be patient with yourself and do not try to progress to fuller swings until you can do this correctly.

Ladies, this is something worth spending time on.  It will make a world of difference to your golf game.

For instruction and help with this and other parts of your golf game come and visit me at the Mel Sole Golf School to take your game to new heights!


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