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Get down on your knees to play this shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #77

Get down on your knees to play this shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #77

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Golf Blog by the Mel Sole Golf School.

We have all joked about praying on the golf course when we need a particular shot to go well.  But this time, you do need to get down on your knees.  It’s when the ball is under a bush or under some branches and we cannot get the club on the ball with a conventional stance.

Get down on your knees to play this shot.

Get down on your knees and do a few practice swings trying to get the swing as flat as you possibly can.  Watch where the club head strikes the ground.  If you are hitting the ground too soon, try flattening out the swing a bit more.  As soon as you can consistently strike the ground where the ball should be, take a ball and try hitting it.  It is almost a certainty that your first shot will be behind the ball.  Don’t despair, just keep practicing this shot until you make fairly clean contact.  As I say in the video, the ball will travel quite a bit left.  This is because of the lie of the club (shows how important lie angle is in a golf club) so aim right of your intended target.

Once you can play this shot fairly confidently, you are ready for a situation on the course. One day, when you need it, you can get down on your knees and extricate yourself from a tough situation.

Additional Benefits to this shot.

If your conventional backswing tends to get too steep, this is a good shot to practice to “flatten” out your backswing.  It also increases your conventional shoulder turn.  Swinging on your knees keeps the lower body from rotating and so to create any power you have to turn the shoulders more.  This will translate into a better shoulder turn once you return to a conventional swing!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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