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Gary Players 12 Rules of Life - Fitness Friday #55

Gary Players 12 Rules of Life – Fitness Friday #55

Gary Players 12 Rules of Life – Fitness Friday #55

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Our guest today is the one and only Mr. Gary Player.  His fitness regimen is legendary and I was fortunate enough to play a few practice rounds with Gary when I was 19 years old.  He has been an inspiration to me ever since.  There are many things I do in my daily life that were influenced by Gary, but eating healthy and keeping fit is the two most important.  Below is a video of Gary’s 10 most important rules for a longer and healthier life.  Don’t just watch, do!

Gary’s 12 Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle.

1. Make it a part of you.

People who are fit do something almost every day.

2. Be Smart about Weight Training.

It improves performance for middle-aged and older people.

3. Focus on your hands and wrists.

With aging, those with good grip strength live the longest.

4. Eat Super Foods.

Studies show it reduces cholesterol and are associated with longevity.

5. Fight Becoming Overweight.

The best exercise is sometimes pushing away from the table.

6. Develop both sides of the body.

Imbalances lead to injury.

7. Try to get Winded 10 minutes a day.

A high-intensity activity can go a long way towards boosting your aerobic capacity.

8. Working on your Core.

The core is where your power comes from and that is true if you are 18 or 80.

9. Walk at a good pace.

Once waling speeds start to decline, health problems usually follow.

10. Get energy from young people.

Spend plenty of time with young people and make a point of trying new things.

11. Exercise every muscle in your body.

Otherwise, it goes just like that!  The average man of 70 today is existing – not living.

12. Do lots of reading.  

Exercise your mind as well as your body.  Read books about improving your life and your mind every day!

Gary Player says we have to change our philosophy first, the rest will follow along.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching Gary Players 12 Rules of Life – Fitness Friday #55

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