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Full Follow-Through! Power Package #5.

Full Follow-Through! Power Package #5.

Today is June 14th, 2018 and we present Full Follow-Through!  Power package #5.  Technical Thursday #92.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School headquartered at  Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.

Full Follow-Through!  Power Package #5.

This is Part 5 of our 5 Part Series on how to gain more distance.  I call it the Power Package!  Part 1 we worked on a wide takeaway.  Part 2 we worked on a full shoulder turn and in Part 3 we worked on the correct sequence and in Part 4 we talked about the extension.  Today we discuss the Full Follow-Through!  Power Package #5.

The Method.

As you create a wide backswing which creates the coil and then start the downswing using the lower body, thus generating more hip speed, the follow-through should happen automatically!  If it does not there are a few things you can do to get the correct feeling. 

First of all, any golfer who hits the ball far also hits it hard!  Don’t think that even though Ernie Els looks like he has a nice slow swing that he is not hitting the ball hard.  His sequence of motion is so impeccable that it looks easy, but he is creating huge clubhead speed.

Secondly, I use a product to warm up with before I go out and play and it stays in my golf bag 24/7.  It is called the Orange Whip. It not only stretches the muscles but provides the sensation of the follow-through pulling you all the way through, over the shoulder, with the body facing the target!

So there you have it.  A series of 5 videos that if followed closely will help you not only hit the ball further but also straighter!  Thanks for watching.  Please post any comments you have below!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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