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Flying Rear Elbow - Technical Thursday #63.

Flying Rear Elbow – Technical Thursday #63.

Flying Rear Elbow – Technical Thursday #63.

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We all know about the dreaded “chicken wing”, but today we talk about the “flying elbow.”  Keeping the trail elbow close to the body on the backswing keeps the club on plane and allows the golfer to return the club to the ball on a similar path to the backswing.

What is a Flying Elbow?

A fling Elbow is exactly the opposite of a Chicken Wing.  With a chicken Wing, the lead arm collapses on the follow-through.  The flying elbow collapses on the backswing.  The golfer, in an attempt to make a longer swing, tries to lift the arms, and the rear elbow drifts away from the body.  The rear forearm gets to a position parallel to the ground.  This is a flying elbow!

How does a correction benefit my swing?

By keeping the rear elbow close to the body, the club will stay on the plane a lot easier and on the downswing, it will be a low easier to drop the club “in the slot.”  The downside is that the swing is going to feel a lot shorter.

Will I lose distance?

On the contrary, although the swing is shorter, as long as you maintain a good shoulder turn on the backswing, you will hit the ball either the same distance or a bit further, because the contact is going to be a lot more solid!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Flying Rear Elbow – Technical Thursday #63.

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