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Flagstick and Green - Rules & Etiquette #63

Flagstick and Green – Rules & Etiquette #63

Flagstick and Green – Rules & Etiquette #63

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Today we talk about the correct etiquette with regards to the flagstick and the putting green.  

When I am playing on the course and someone else is putting there are three things I always try to do.  First, hold the flagstick.  I do not know whether that person would like the flag in or out, so I wait until they say something.  If they say nothing, I continue to hold the flag and remove it only after the putt is struck.  I also hold the flag on the flagstick.  It is annoying to have the flag fluttering when you are trying to putt.  So by holding the flag, you prevent this.  And finally, watch for your shadow.  You do not want your shadow covering the hole whole someone else it putting.  Bad form!

Where to Stand when Opponent is Putting.

Always stand on a part of the green where your opponent or fellow-competitor cannot see you.  It is distracting to have someone standing on your line of sight, or just off enough that they can still see you.

Carrying your bag.  Where NOT to Walk!

If you are carrying your golf bag, DO NOT pick up your bag, sling it across your shoulder and walk across the green.  Your weight,  along with the weight of the golf bag,  is going to leave impressions on the nice smooth putting surface.  Not Cool!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

I hope you learned a lot by watching Flagstick and Green – Rules & Etiquette #63  Till next time!

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