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Flag in or out when chipping - Short Game Saturday #78

Flag in or out when chipping – Short Game Saturday #78

Flag in or out when chipping – Short Game Saturday #78

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This blog is a response to one of my students, Leslie Buchanan, who asks:

Flag in or out when chipping?

There is no real answer to this Leslie.  It depends on the shot, and which shot you are more comfortable with. Sometimes the lie will dictate the decision as well. If the ball is in a bad lie, you might have to chip away from the flag to get the ball on the green.  Then the flag in or out is irrelevant.

I personally like to chip with the flag out when the flag is close.  The ball will likely be traveling slowly as it passes the hole and by taking the flag out I am announcing my intention that I am trying to hole-out the chip.  As a result, this has a strong effect on your subconscious.  If you are trying to hole it your percentages go up immediately.

When I have a longer chip I prefer to have the flagstick in.  On a longer chip, the ball will likely be traveling a little faster and if I hit the flag it will either stop my ball near the hole, or it might go in.

For all of these shots around the green, use your putter if you are not good at chipping.  Or, take something like a 7 iron, stand and hold it like a putter, and use your putting stroke to chip.  It really works well for a lot of people.

According to Dave Peltz and the studies he has done on this subject, he says that the percentages are in the favor of those who leave the flag in.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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