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Feet & Shoulder Alignment - Technical Thursday #34.

Feet & Shoulder Alignment – Technical Thursday #34.

Feet & Shoulder Alignment – Technical Thursday #34.

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Today David Olberding will discuss how to get your shoulders, hips, and feet all going in the same direction so you can hit more accurate shots and keep your swing on a better plane!

There are certainly technical issues that arise in the golf swing that destroy proper function.  Alignment of feet, hips, and shoulders is one of these technical issues.  These three areas must align correctly to allow the body to function the intended function.  It is worth spending an hour with a teaching professional to work on this and this alone!

Use alignment sticks.

You can place an alignment stick through the elt loos and an alignment stick on the ground for the feet.  You need a second person to place another alignment stick across your shoulders to understand what the correct address position feels like fully.  Step out of that position, and then walk back in and see if you can duplicate the position.  When you can duplicate the position 10 times, you are ready to work without the aid, and after another hour or so, ready to try and take it to the course.

On the course!

Go to the course with a partner because you need a second pair of eyes to check your setup for you constantly.  It will take a while to feel completely comfortable in the correct address position!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Feet & Shoulder Alignment – Technical Thursday #34.  Important advice for all golfers!

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