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Feet and Ankles - Technical Thursday #64.

Feet and Ankles – Technical Thursday #64.

Feet and Ankles – Technical Thursday #64.

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To continue our theme this week of “feet and ankles,” we talk about both the role and the roll of the feet and ankles as the weight moves from the back foot to the front.  This is so important!

Foot Position.

The rear foot should be at 90 degrees to the intended line of flight. This increases the coil of the hips on the backswing.  The lead foot should be flared out about 30 degrees to allow the lead hip to clear easily.

Top of the Backswing.

At the top of the backswing, the rear knee should be perfectly stable.  If you have that rear foot at 90 degrees, this should help the rear knee stay in place.  The weight stays on the inside of the rear foot.

Top of Backswing Drill.

Take an iron and place the head on the outside of the rear foot with the shaft pressed against the rear leg. As you swing back with your free arm, do NOT allow the weight to move to the outside of the foot.  Pull the club against the rear knee, so the pressure keeps that foot from rolling to the outside.  When you start the downswing, roll the rear foot to move the pressure from the inside of the rear foot to the outside of the front foot.

Start of the Downswing.

As you start the downswing, you should feel a push off the rear foot’s inside, moving the weight to the outside of the lead foot.  As the hips clear, the weight should move to the heel of the lead foot.


At the end of the swing, all the weight should be on the outside of the lead foot, and 50% should be towards the heel.  There should be no weight on the back foot.  You should be able to pick up the back foot and not lose your balance.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

I hope you have learned from – Feet and Ankles – Technical Thursday #64.  

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