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Fantasy Characters from the PGA and LPGA Tours!

Fantasy Characters from the PGA and LPGA Tours!

Fantasy Characters from the PGA and LPGA Tours! I Love #2!

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Golf Swing by Swing has put together 14 PGA and LPGA Tour players and linked them to a matching cartoon character.  We have all been linked to some cartoon or TV character in our lives either by friends or family.  Sometimes not so flattering, but still in jest!  I was once told I looked like James Coburn in “Our Man Flint”  Go figure!  

Let me know who you thonk should also go on this list and their matching cartoon character!

Have you ever picked up a comic book, watched a cartoon, a fantasy TV series or caught a movie and thought that the hero or villain reminded you of somebody, but you were frightened to say anything out loud?

We think that some of them are very familiar indeed. See what you reckon…

The $6m Man – Tiger Woods

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better… stronger… faster.” And Oscar Goldman was right. He was better, stronger, faster – and just as lovable as ever.

Golf’s own bionic man HAS TO BE Tiger Woods – he has had his left knee reconstructed, he’s had back surgery, he’s had surgery on his right ulterior cruciate ligament, he’s had a stress fractures to his left tibia, damage to his right Achilles tendon, neck pain, and elbow problems. But they have rebuilt him. Time and time again.

Will he ever be better, strong, faster? Probably not. But the $6m man? That’s about the amount Tiger earns every week.

Jessica Rabbit – Natalie Gulbis

She was the femme fatale who had tough guy actor Bob Hoskins under her spell in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Jessica, lest you forget, had long flowing locks, long flowing legs, huge pouting lips and two ample assets. She may only have been a cartoon character, but don’t go telling that to the men who fantasized about her – or the women who had operations to look like her.

Long flowing locks? Long flowing legs? Pouting lips? Two ample assets? Yes, Natalie Gulbis is Jessica Rabbit!

The Terminator – Phil Mickelson

When Arnold Schwarzenegger returned in the second Terminator movie he was a good cyborg, sent to Earth to protect John Connor, the son of Sarah, whom he had been sent back to kill in the first movie. Everywhere the Terminator goes, chaos, mayhem and destruction follow.

And people are none too impressed when he keeps telling them: “I’ll be back!”

So, have you ever watched Phil Mickelson play golf? Chaos, mayhem, and destruction usually follow. But he gets the job done, the baddies are vanquished and he lives happily ever after (apart from at the US Open). Well, every hero is fallible.

Olive Oyl – Michelle Wie

Olive was Popeye’s girlfriend. Thin as a pencil, she was always getting into scrapes. Am I the only one who ever noticed that Miss Oyl towered over her boyfriend? Thin, tall and getting into scrapes – that could only be Michelle Wie.

Getting into scrapes? You’ve got to remember all those attempts to make the cut in men’s PGA Tour events. You will remember the loss of form and how long it took to finally win. And you will have noticed that she towers above everybody. She’s a strong woman (physically and mentally)…

For goodness sake, do NOT give this woman any spinach.

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Source: Golf Swing by Swing Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Golf Swing by Swing    stu_spivack

Thanks for reading Fantasy Characters from the PGA and LPGA Tours! That was fun!

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