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Exercises to Improve Hip Rotation in the Golf Swing - Fitness Friday #96.

Exercises to Improve Hip Rotation in the Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #96.

Exercises to Improve Hip Rotation in the Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #96.

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Carolina Romero, aka The Fit Golfer Girl, is our host for today’s Fitness Friday!  She owns and operates Silver Strong Fitness in Delray Beach, Florida. Carolina talks today about the all-important hip rotation in the golf swing and how golf-specific exercises can really get those hips moving for more distance and consistency!  Let’s get started!

Foam Roller Releases.

Take a Foam Roller and place it on the crease of your hip bone and leg.  Roll back and forth until you feel a tender spot.  Hold on to this spot until you feel the muscle release. 

Dynamic Figure Four.

While laying on your back, take your left leg and place the ankle on your right thigh.  Try and drive your left knee as far forward as it can go. Make sure to use your glutes and keep the abs engaged. Push for 10 to 30 seconds and relax.  You will feel a deep stretch in the side of your glutes and hips.  Repeat on the other side.

Hip Internal Rotation Stretch.

Begin in a seated position on the floor with the knees bent and using your arms to hold you up. From here, rotate one of your legs towards the middle until you feel a deep stretch in the hips.  Hold this for 10 to 30 seconds for 2 or 3 reps, then switch legs and repeat.

90 – 90 Stretch.

While seated on the floor and knees bent at 90 degrees, bend the legs from side to side.  Go as far as you can go, hold for a few seconds and turn the other way.

Modified Starfish Pattern.

This exercise activates all the muscles that are important in hip rotation.  Lay on your back with your toes pointing up, your arms pressed down hard at your side.  While maintaining the opposite toe still pointing up, pull one of your legs towards your chest, then rotate it outward as far as you can go while keeping your knee bent.  Follow this by bringing your same leg across your body, so your foot ends up next to your other one.  Do 2 to 3 reps and repeat with the other leg.  This is one of my favorite exercises to improve my Hip Rotation in the Golf Swing!

Wall Internal Rotation Stretch.

Lay on your back close to a wall with your legs at 90 degrees and your feet on the wall. Place a foam roller, towel, or any object between your knees, and while holding it in place, start walking your feet out against the wall. When the stretch is about a 7 in intensity, hold for 30 seconds.

Side-Lying Hip Extension Rotations.

Lay on your side with your bottom leg at 90 degrees in front of you.  From here, begin rotating the leg upward while keeping your thigh and knee on the ground. Repeat on the opposite side.

Quadruped Hip Internal Rotation.

Get on your hand and knees on the floor and while keeping your knees in place, start rotating your feet away from the middle.  Go as far as you can go.  Hold for 3 seconds and return to the center.  Repeat for as many reps as needed.

Source: Carolina Romero   Fit Golfer Girl   Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Exercises to Improve Hip Rotation in the Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #96.

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