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Exercises that are Bad for your Golf Swing - Fitness Friday #90.

Exercises that are Bad for your Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #90.

Exercises that are Bad for your Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #90.

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Part 1!

Carolina Romero, aka The Fit Golfer Girl, specializes in golf-specific exercises to help your golf game.  That is why this week is so important!  Carolina will show you when common and popular exercises are actually bad if you focus on improving your golf swing.  Not only that, but it will show you which exercises will replace the incorrect ones with taking your golf game to new heights!

Bench Press.  A go-to exercise for most people at the gym. However, if your goal is to get better at golf, pushing in an upward direction will cause your chest muscles to tighten, which in time will lead to C posture and limit your ability to rotate correctly through the golf swing.

Better – Single Arm Presses. These exercises will activate your core much better and work on your anti-rotation skills. Always remember to do two pulling exercises for every pushing exercise you do at the gym.

Shrugs.  This is an exercise you want to miss if you are working on golf-specific exercises.  most golfers already suffer from tight upper tracts

Better – Elbow out rows with External Rotation.  This exercise will work on most of the upper back muscles in charge of scapula stability.  Strengthen these muscles will help posture and ward off possible injury in the future.

More Exercises that are Bad for your Golf Swing!

Leg Extension.  If your goal is to grow large quad muscles, then this is OK; however, if you want to get good at golf, stop right now!  This exercise will tend to tighten the hip flexors and put you at risk for lower back pain.

Better – Hip Thrusts.  With your feet flat on the floor, place your shoulders on a bench. Allow the hips to sink and then thrust upward, keeping the lower back straight and the end of the exercise.  To make this more difficult, place a weight on your lap.  Make sure you contract your glutes at the top of this movement.

Front Raises.  These are very effective in building your front deltoids.  However, if you want to get better at golf, you might be better off skipping them. 

Better – Shoulder External Rotation.   This exercise works the rotator cuff muscles and helps rotate your shoulders back and out of the way in the golf swing.  Make sure your elbow never leaves the side of your body (I use a towel against my side to help) even if you have to decrease your weight or use no weight at all.

Next week – Part 2 of Exercises that are Bad for your Golf Swing!

Source: Carolina Romero     The Fit Golfer Girl   Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Exercises that are Bad for your Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #90.

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