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Dropping from Lateral Hazards - Rules & Etiquette #74.

Dropping from Lateral Hazards – Rules & Etiquette #74.

Dropping from Lateral Hazards – Rules & Etiquette #74.

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Keep a rule book in your golf bag at all times for situations that might arise where you are unsure of the correct procedure or rule. Knowing the rules is just as important as knowing to swing.  The rules can save you shots around the course.

Rule 26: Hazards & Lateral Hazards.

Do you understand the difference between a lateral hazard (red stake) and a hazard (yellow stake) and how to recognize them on the course?  If so, do you know the correct procedure for each one?  Please note.  In the video, I made an error by saying a two-club-length relief for being on the cart path when dropping from the hazard.  As we have discussed in the past, there is only one club relief when you are getting a free drop.  Sorry about that. 

In the second drop, I say that there is a one club length relief from the cart path.  An easy way to remember whether there is a one or two club relief. If you are taking a drop that incurs a penalty, there is a two-club-length relief, and no penalty is a one-club relief.  Easy.

When you see a red stake and a yellow stake next to one another, do you know the correct procedure, depending on where your ball entered?  To the left or the right of those hazard stakes?  Remember, a red stake denotes a lateral hazard, and a yellow one denotes a regular hazard.  There are different procedures for each one.  Learn those differences by clicking on the video below!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Dropping from Lateral Hazards – Rules & Etiquette #74.

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