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Downhill Lie Pitch Shot - Short Game Saturday #68.

Downhill Lie Pitch Shot – Short Game Saturday #68.

Downhill Lie Pitch Shot – Short Game Saturday #68.

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A downhill lie over a bunker on a fast green!  A challenge?  Not really if you know the correct technique.  Check it out right here!

Club Selection.

For this shot, you want a club with plenty of lofts.  Because you have to play this off a downhill lie, you need to play this off the back foot to hit the ball first.  When you play the ball towards the back foot, you deloft the club.  So the perfect club here would be a 60-degree lob wedge.  This has enough loft to get the ball up quickly and nice and high.  If you do not have a lob wedge, use a sand wedge with the clubface slightly open.


It is important here to keep the clubhead traveling parallel to the slope.  To do this, you need to buckle your knees slightly as you swing through the shot. Do not try and lift the ball up into the air.  Let the club do the loft on the club do the work.

Try and practice this shot to get the feeling of the knees buckling and how hard to hit it.  This will take quite a few failures before you start seeing success.  But it is a great shot to add to your short game arsenal learned at the Mel Sole Golf School on Short Game Saturday #68  

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Downhill Lie Pitch Shot – Short Game Saturday #68.

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