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Do you know the rules of golf? Part 1

Knowing the rules of golf can save you shots during the round.  So in the same way you go to the range and work on your game, sometimes go to your rule book and study the rules.  Better still, get the USGA’s book called “Rules and Decisions”  This is a book filled with letters written in to the USGA requesting a ruling that happened in live play.  Not only is it much easier to learn the rules this way, but shows the complexity of a game played on different terrains in different weather conditions.  Great read.

Here is the first part in a new series “Do you know the rules”  that I will be posting on a fairly regular basis.  These will feature common rules that arise often while playing the game we all love.  In order for everyone to compete on a level playing field, we must all adhere to the rules.  Our first video is brought to you by Swing by Swing

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