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Crucial Upper Body Exercises for Golfers - Fitness Friday #102.

Crucial Upper Body Exercises for Golfers – Fitness Friday #102.

Crucial Upper Body Exercises for Golfers – Fitness Friday #102.

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Carolina Romero, aka The Fit Golfer Girl, is our host for today’s Upper Body Exercises that will not only improve your fitness and sculpt your upper body but improve your golf swing by allowing your arms and thoracic spine to get into. The proper positions to make an effective golf motion!  Let’s get started!

Shoulder External Rotations.

Use a Cable Machine or rubber bands attached to a door.  Stand with your body at 90 degrees to the wall. Have the elbow of the arm you are exercising close to your side.  Have the arm extended out in front of you.  Moving your arm away from the wall, slowly rotate the arm until it is parallel to your shoulders.  Ensure your elbow never leaves your side and does lightweight and high repetitions of about 15 or 20. If you find it difficult with weights or light bands, do the exercise with no weight.  Only add weight once you feel comfortable with this exercise.


With your arms down by your side and elbows at 90 degrees, hold light dumbbells, lift your arms no higher than shoulder level.  From here, externally rotate your shoulders without letting your elbows drop. Use light weights to start and progress when you feel no strain in the shoulders. 

Floor Angels.

Lay on your back and let your arms extend to 90 degrees from your body and your elbows bent at 90 degrees to your arms.  Keeping your entire arm and wrist flat on the ground, slowly slide your arms upwards along the ground for about 12 to 18 inches.  If you have difficulty doing this, you should incorporate more chest stretching, upper back strengthening, and external rotation into your workout routine.  Do not arch your lower back in this exercise.  Keep it flat against the ground at all times.

Band Pull Aparts.

Just what the exercise name suggests, you will be using a rubber band for this exercise. First, extend your arms straight out in front of you, holding a rubber band. Then, pull the band outward, really engaging your upper back muscles as the band is extended.  Keep your core tight to keep from arching your back and focus on relaxing your upper trapezoids if you feel them struggling during the exercise.


Source: Carolina Romero   Fit Golfer Girl  Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Crucial Upper Body Exercises for Golfers – Fitness Friday #102.

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