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Could Socks Change your Game?

Could Socks Change your Game?

Could Socks Change your Game?

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Did you ever consider that golf socks would be an important part of your golfing attire, and in fact, could change your golf game?  I certainly did not!  I know socks have got to be comfortable, wick away sweat, and have enough cushion to withstand 18 holes of golf, but that’s it.  But wait a minute!  Revolution Golf is telling us there are some socks on the market that are the pro’s secret weapon?  Really?  Read on!

If you’ve played golf with a caddie, you know the tools of their trade. Durable shoes. Waterproof jacket. Yardage book or laser rangefinder. Razor sharp wit.

You know what a pro golfer uses … the latest clubs.

But there’s one more weapon in the arsenal … their socks.

That’s right … pros and serious caddies are super-serious about their socks. The reason is extremely obvious.

Try carrying 2 golf bags for 36 holes … with a blister. Try competing at the highest level … with a blister.

Not going to happen.

Professional golfers and caddies must take care of their feet.

That’s why professional golfers and professional caddies trust a very specific type of sock made by Kentwool. I will tell you more about the socks – and a special discount – in a minute. But first, let me describe …

Why YOUR Life Will Be Better with Golf Socks

I’m Justin Tupper, the Founder and CEO of Revolution Golf … and a serious golfer.  Could Socks Change your Game?

I have to admit … when the people at Kentwool told me I would enjoy golf more with the help of their golf socks, I wasn’t sure about their claim.

But I thought, “I’ll give it a try” and I’m really happy I did.


My feet feel comfortable all day and I never get blisters … even if I walk or ride 36 holes a day. I actually notice how great my feet feel.

And there’s another reason I like these socks. Like you, I imagine, I spend a decent amount of money on my golf shoes. I want waterproof shoes that fit well and make it easy to get around the golf course.

But what’s the point of expensive golf shoes if you pair them with poorly fitting and badly-made golf socks?

If you have even semi-expensive golf shoes … and you truly want to be comfortable all day … it makes perfect sense to invest in the world’s finest golf socks. So let me describe …


Why Kentwool Golf Socks Are the World’s Finest.

Made in the United States, Kentwool strives to create the world’s finest socks. This means…

  • The finest materials for long-lasting durability
  • Super-high quality control standards
  • A perfect design for a perfect fit

Kentwool designed these socks to provide golfers like you with the ultimate in blister-free performance.

The key is a super-secret blend of ultra-fine Merino Wool plus comfort-enhancing materials including high-performance nylon and spandex.

That ultra-fine Merino Wool is no ordinary wool. Let’s take a look at what the good people at Kentwool call “The Four Ws” … the 4 primary reasons you will love Kentwool socks.



Could Socks Change your Game?

Kentwool socks are great in all types of weather.

Wools absorbs moisture from humid environments and redirects it to dry areas. This makes wool an ideal all-weather, year-round fiber. It keeps dry air next to your skin. This means your feet are dry and odor-free in the summer … and warm in the winter (and Scotland’s summer).



Could Socks Change your Game?

Mens and Ladies Kentwool socks last forever!


The super-fine merino wool in Kentwool golf socks is lightweight and durable – yet requires minimal care while providing maximum comfort. The fiber works like a “spring” which means it can stretch and snap back into shape better than cotton and man-made fibers.



Could Socks Change your Game?

Ladies socks (as well as mens) wick out 100% of the moisture.


Superfine merino wool is a natural “smart” performance fiber which takes water vapor (your sweat) and moves it away from your skin. The result? Your feet stay dry. This keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer AND keeps you from getting blisters. Plus your feet will NEVER feel damp or clammy.



Kentwool scoks are great value for money.


Yes – you can find super-cheap socks at your local big box store. But you risk discomfort and worse still … mega-blisters. Yes – Kentwool golf socks cost a little more but when you consider their comfort and durability … they provide years of superb value. And the value is even better with the exclusive discount I’m about to reveal in a minute.

Even better, you will …

Wear Kentwool Socks in Any Weather.

You might be thinking … as I did … “why wool socks in the summer?” Turns out it makes perfect sense to wear these golf socks in hot weather. Why? Because the superfine Merino Wool and additional fibers move perspiration away from your feet so they stay dry.

And in colder weather, the insulating properties of wool keep your feet warm and dry … even in horizontal rain. I’ve worn Kentwool Golf Socks in the “special” heat of a South Carolina summer. I’ve also worn them on Long Island late in the fall when the temperature is closing in on freezing. I’m always comfortable.

Let’s take a look at the sock in more detail …


The Anatomy of Total Comfort.

The Kentwool Golf Sock gives you total comfort – on any course, any time of the year. Here’s how …


Kentwool socks are great for golf! Hot or wet, they will do the job!

  • Padding for 36 holes a day of golf comfort.
  • Designed for perfect fit.
  • Merino wool means cool feet in hot weather.
  • Super-durable blend of materials for years of use.
  • Designed and manufactured so you NEVER get a blister.
  • 66% Superfine Merino Wool, 24% Nylon, 8% Polyester, 2% spandex
  • Machine Washable, Warm water, No Bleach, Tumble Dry w/ low heat
  • Made in USA

To read more and even order these incredible socks, click here!

Source: Revolution Golf  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Kentwool Socks

Thanks for reading – Could Socks Change your Game?  They can.  I have 2 pairs, and they are fantastic!

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