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Choosing the Escape Route - Trouble Shot #52..

Choosing the Escape Route – Trouble Shot #52.

Choosing the Escape Route – Trouble Shot #52.

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David Olberding, lead instructor at the Mel Sole Golf School, will talk about a combination of getting out of trouble but using good course management to achieve his desired result. 

The average golfer can learn a lot from listening to how a good player assesses his options instead of grabbing a club and just swinging away.

David Olberding lets you listen in on his thinking.

His first option of going to the right of the tree brings the low branches into play, as well as the bunker in the distance.

The second option is an easier one.  There is less tree to contend with, and the bunker will be easier to carry.  The second option will leave David an easy 25-yard pitch. 

Once that decision has been made, David needs to consider what club he will use to give him the highest chance of success.  After looking at his Pitching Wedge, 7 iron, 9 iron, he finally decided on the 8.  He felt that this club and this shot would provide him the biggest chance to make par maybe.  This would take double bogey out of the equation completely!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Choosing the Escape Route – Trouble Shot #52.

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