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Choose the Right Club - Trouble Shot Tuesday #48..

Choose the Right Club – Trouble Shot Tuesday #48.

Choose the Right Club – Trouble Shot Tuesday #48.

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Choosing the right club when hitting a fairway bunker shot is critical.  Here we give a simple trick to choose the correct club and follow that with the correct execution. Check it out!

The Trick.

To choose the right club, I have a little trick that I use.  Outside the bunker lay the club on the ground with the clubface facing up.  Stand on the clubface.  The shaft will lift and give me an approximate trajectory for that particular club.  If I can see that the trajectory will not clear the lip, I will go to a higher lofter club.  Do the test again.  Once I have decided that I have a club with enough trajectory to clear the bunker’s lip, I will step into the bunker to play my shot.

The Technique.

I want to play the ball slightly further back in my stance to make sure I hit the ball first.  I usually play the ball about 2″ inside my lead heel with an iron from the fairway. In a fairway bunker, I will play it more to the center of my stance.

Do not dig the feet in.  I will play this shot the same way with the same swing as a normal fairway shot.  I even use the same club from the fairway bunker I would use from the fairway if I am hitting to a green.  Make your normal swing, knowing you have plenty of loft to clear the lip, so put a smoothie on it!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Choose the Right Club – Trouble Shot Tuesday #48. Now you know!

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