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Chipping up a steep bank!

Chipping up a steep bank!

Today is May 19th, 2018 and we present Chipping up a steep bank!  Short Game Saturday #88.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School headquartered at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.

Chipping up a steep bank!

Practice all parts of your short game, particularly shots you don’t regularly practice on the range.  When you have a shot up a steep bank, you need to know where to land it and how hard to hit it.  If you have not practised this shot recently your chances of success are slim to none!

The Method.

Use your normal chipping stance, but try chipping with a 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron etc.  You want to find out which club suits you chipping style.  If you have a tendency to hit your chips high, then use a less lofted club.  You do not want to try this shot with a sand wedge or lob wedge because if it hits into the bank it is going to stop dead and leave you with another chip shot.  You want to make sure you have a putter in your hand for the next shot! The way to ensure this is to use a low lofted club.

The secret to these shots is to have several options.  If you practice with the various clubs, then when faced with these shots on the course, you can choose the best option for that particular situation!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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