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Center of Gravity and Balance - Fitness Friday #61

Center of Gravity and Balance – Fitness Friday #61

Center of Gravity and Balance – Fitness Friday #61

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To continue our theme this week of improving your accuracy on the golf course, our guest is Jes Reynolds of Jes Reynolds Fitness.  Jes is going to talk about balance in the golf swing to improve accuracy and some really great drills to accomplish both balance and understanding where your center of gravity is at all times.

Single-Leg Balance.

Stand next to a chair, lift up one leg and hold this for at least 30 secs.  Use the chair if you feel like you are going to lose your balance.

Single-Leg Balance with eyes closed.

Close your eyes and hold the same position.  (hover your hand near the chair in case you lose your balance.) Hold this for as long as you can.  Time yourself, so you can see whether you are improving.

Single-Leg Balance with Rotation.

You can have the leg hanging behind you but off the floor.  Hold your arms up in front of you and rotate to the left and then rotate to the right. 10 times in each direction.

Balance Disk or Bosu ball.

Using an unstable surface to make the exercise difficult will really speed up your improvement.

Single-Leg Balance Controlling Up and Down.

Place any small object on the ground.  It can be a dumbell, a small box, or a can of food.  It does not matter.  It’s just something to touch.  Bend forward from the waist, maintaining a neutral spine, and touch the object you have on the ground.  Do this 10 times with each leg.

Source: Jes Reynolds Fitness     Mel Sole Golf School

Thank you for watching Center of Gravity and Balance – Fitness Friday #61 to really make a difference in your golf swing.  Good job!

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