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Can you putt on the Practice Green between holes - Rules & Etiquette #97?

Can you putt on the Practice Green between holes – Rules & Etiquette #97?

Can you putt on the Practice Green between holes – Rules & Etiquette #97?

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Last Weeks Quiz:

A player was on a very steep bank and, attempting to hit the ball, topped it and drove it into the ground. The ball ended up being buried in the face of the bank. Can he now proceed under rule 25-2, the embedded ball rule, and get a free drop under that rule?

Last Weeks Answer:

Under Rule 25-2, relief is provided if a ball is embedded in its own pitch mark. However, the word “pitch-mark” implies that the ball has become airborne. So the answer is NO, there is no relief, and the player may either play it as it lies or take a drop under the unplayable lie rule. Rule 28.

Last Weeks Winner:

Thanks to all who answered last week’s quiz. Almost everyone got this one right. The winner is Mike Black of New York, NY.  Congrats, Mike, please contact us to set up a time for your one-hour lesson.  If you wish to take it in NY, you may wait until I was there in June 2019.

This week’s quiz: Can you putt on a Practice Putting Green between holes?

This was a situation where one of my former instructors, Pat Hofmann, played in a South Carolina PGA event and was driving the cart from the 9th green to the 10th tee.  He made a stop at the practice green (which was on the way and near the 10th tee) and hit a few putts.  Is this allowed, and if not, what penalty should he incur?

The first correct answer will win a free one-hour lesson at the Mel Sole Golf School at either SC, NC, or NY locations. There is only one form of entry, and that is by email.  So send your answers to melsolegolf@gmail.com.  All other types of entry will be invalid.

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Thanks for watching – Can you putt on the Practice Green between holes – Rules & Etiquette #97?

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