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Can you mark the golf ball in front of the ball - Rules & Etiquette #102.

Can you mark the golf ball in front of the ball – Rules & Etiquette #102.

Can you mark the golf ball in front of the ball – Rules & Etiquette #102.

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Sometimes, I have played golf with some golfers to mark the golf ball on the putting green with a coin or a marker in front of the ball.  I don’t understand this and look skeptically at this practice.  I watch carefully to see whether the player places his ball behind the marker when he replaces his ball.  Most times, they do, but I have had to remind a player now and again to please put the ball in the proper place. Can you mark the golf ball on the putting green this way? Is this practice legal?  That is our question for this week.  The first correct entry will receive a one-hour lesson at our SC, NC, or NY locations. After that, there is a one-year expiry date.

There is only one way to answer this quiz correctly, and that is by email. So please send your answers to melsolegolf@gmail.com.  Any other form of entry will not be acceptable.  Good Luck!

Last Week’s Quiz.

A player begins his downswing but decides not to strike the ball during the downswing.  The player cannot stop the club before it reaches the ball but can swing intentionally over the top of the ball.  Is the player deemed to have made a stroke?

The Correct Answer.

Decision 14 / 1.5 

The answer is No. There is no stroke to count. If the player intentionally missed the ball. The player is considered to have checked his downswing voluntarily by altering his downswing path and missing the ball even though the swing carried the clubhead beyond the ball. 

The Winner.

Andy Cone from Bailey, N.C.  Congrats Andy.  Give us a call and let us know which location you would like to take your one-hour free lesson.  We look forward to working with you!

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Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Can you mark the golf ball in front of the ball – Rules & Etiquette #102.

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