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Can the Clear Key Improve your Golf - Technical Thursday #78

Can the Clear Key Improve your Golf – Technical Thursday #78

Can the Clear Key Improve your Golf – Technical Thursday #78

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What is the Clear Key?

The Clear Key is a word or phrase that you say as you swing the club.  The purpose is twofold.  One, it prevents the conscious mind from thinking swing mechanics.  And second, it helps give a great rhythm to the swing as long as the tempo of the Clear Key matches the tempo of your swing. To understand this concept, think about driving a car.  You are not thinking about how to drive the car.  You stop at the traffic lights, turn left, turn right and arrive at your destination.  Your conscious mind is thinking about what to do that day, what happened at work, etc. When you use the Clear Key in the golf swing, the same experience occurs.  You are occupying your conscious mind with your mantra, and the subconscious swings the club. The conscious mind lets go of trying to control the swing.

Can the Clear Key Improve your Golf?

Absolutely!  I have been using the Clear Key for over 25 years and it helps me swing the club in a consistent manner day in and day out.  Because it also blocks the conscious mind from thinking swing mechanics, I never get caught up in the “paralysis by analysis” syndrome.  

How long should it take to learn the Clear Key?

Be patient, as learning this is just like learning the golf swing – it takes time.  It took me about three months to get totally comfortable with this process. Go to the range and work on hitting balls while saying your “mantra.” Make sure your impact is happening on the same syllable every time, you will be fine.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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