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Business tips for women who golf.

Business tips for women who golf.

Business tips for women who golf.

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I love teaching women golfers, they tend to listen better than the men.  I also think women who golf can do a lot of business on the course,  but some do not know how to go about it.  Here are some tips from Nancy Berkley on this very thought provoking subject.  Business tips for women who golf.

Almost every book written for women golfers ” from beginners to experts ” includes advice about how to use golf to advance your professional career. Here’s my advice, and it may not be what you expect.

First let’s talk about accepting an invitation from a business colleague, client or customer to play golf

Tip Number One:

Be prepared to stand out in the crowd. At most corporate golf events and even on most courses, there will not be many women. You will be noticed. For starters: Wear an outfit that you are comfortable in. Confidence is very important in the game of golf.
Remember: When you bend down to tee your ball up on the tee, three other golfers will see your backside. Be brave and check that view in a mirror. You may decide to wear a longer skirt or perhaps even a shorter one!

Tip Number Two:

Know your comfort zone. That means play in situations where you will not feel intimidated. If you are a super golfer with a handicap of 10 or less ” only 10 percent of women golfers are in that zone, you should accept an invitation to play golf with anyone anywhere. Your male business colleagues or clients will love to play with you, especially when you tee it up from their tees.

At the other extreme, if you have played only a few times and are still whiffing or dubbing balls, my suggestion is to decline the invitation until you improve your shot-making. I would make an exception if you are invited by another beginner golfer and together you can manage your expectations. I would also probably make an exception to the comfort-zone-rule if you are invited to a corporate golf event that is advertised as “fun” and uses a scramble format.

Tip Number Three:

Most women golfers fall in between the extremes. So how good to you have to be for business golf? Here are my guidelines: Most-of-the-time, you should be able to hit a ball about 100 yards off the tee, hit a middle iron (or hybrid club) at least 75 yards on the fairway, hit out of a bunker successfully two out of three times, know how to reach a green when you are 50 yards from the flagstick, take only one practice swing, three-putt ” or less on most greens, know proper green etiquette, and know when to give up and put the ball in your pocket.

Most important: Take this pace-of-play test on a day when your course is not busy. If you can play nine holes just by yourself and finish the nine holes in 90 minutes or less ” or 18 holes by yourself in less than three hours, you are good enough to accept most business golf invitations. Even if your game is not great that day, you will not slow your foursome or those behind you. Unless you are playing in serious competition, if you are having a very bad hole it is usually okay to pick up your ball and hope for miracles on the next tee.

Tip Number four:

Know when to talk about business. Believe it or not, men seldom talk shop on the course. So, if you are playing with men do not talk about the office or your new product or the next sale until the round is finished ” maybe over a drink on the 19th hole. Build the relationship on the course, but make the sale the next day.

The business-talk rule is different if you are playing with women. We are very busy. We love to multi-task. If we can play golf and talk business at the same time, it’s usually a win-win.

Let’s move on to situations where YOU do the inviting.

For another 3 more tips from this article go here.

Source: Cybergolf.com  Nancy Berkley   Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures: US Army   Rhys A   Engineers Australia

Thanks for reading Business tips for women who golf.  Enjoy!

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