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Bunker Shots - Short Game Saturday #3.

Bunker Shots – Short Game Saturday #3.

Bunker Shots – Short Game Saturday #3.

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How many shots do you think you could save if you got 90% of your bunker shots up and down?  If you are an 18 handicap, I would guess around 5 shots.  That would immediately make you a 13 handicap!  Very few golfers practice their bunker shots diligently, and as I say in the video, most practice bunkers stand empty almost every day.  The first thing you want to do to improve is going into a bunker without a ball.  Draw two lines about 2″ apart at 90 degrees to your intended shot.  Place your lead heel on the front line and practice hitting the second line. 

If you cannot do this, you cannot hit good bunker shots.  So keep at it until you can consistently strike the ground on that second line.  If you are hitting too far behind the line, you start your downswing with your arms. Move your body rotation through the ball a little quicker.  If you are hitting the ball first, you raise your spine angle, concentrating on staying down.  Don’t be in too much of a hurry to introduce the ball.  Once you can hit the 2nd line consistently, then and only then are you ready to introduce the ball.  You’ll be surprised how easy it really is!

So, if you want to reduce your handicap in a fairly short time – head to the bunker and follow the tips explained in this video.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Bunker Shots – Short Game Saturday #3.

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