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Bunker Shot Speed - Trouble Shot Tuesday #57.

Bunker Shot Speed – Trouble Shot Tuesday #57.

Bunker Shot Speed – Trouble Shot Tuesday #57.

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Today we discuss the two “secrets” to a good bunker shot.  Work on these two aspects, and you WILL become a good bunker player!


Most golfers that I teach bunker play to hit the ball too softly.  When I ask them why they don’t swing harder, the usual answer is the fear of hitting the ball over the green.  Remember, if you are standing on the fairway with a 50-yard pitch shot and you hit 2″ behind the ball, the ball will go halfway!  The same with a bunker shot.  If you hit 2″ behind the ball, the ball will go about half the distance of a pitch of the same distance.  What I mean by that is if you have a 20-yard bunker shot, you have to swing as hard as a 40-yard pitch shot off the fairway to go the right distance.  This is a good mindset when standing over your next bunker shot.

Body Rotation.

You cannot be a good bunker player hitting with your arms.  Look at every bunker shot you see on TV.  The pros will always finish with their hands about chest height, and the hips will be all the way through to the target.  This is called body rotation.  

Make sure you have both of these keys the next time you are practicing your bunker shots!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Bunker Shot Speed – Trouble Shot Tuesday #57.

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