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Body Rotation Exercises for your Golf!

Body Rotation Exercises for your Golf!

Body Rotation Exercises for your Golf!

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One of my biggest challenges as a golf instructor is not teaching my students how to improve their technique in their golf swing.  The challenge is to get their body into those positions with tight hamstrings, tight calf muscles and the inability to rotate back and through correctly.  Here, Brandon Harris of Premier Fitness Systems gives a series of amazing stretches that if done on a regular basis, either at the gym or at home, will definitely increase your flexibility and body rotational speed.  The BIG key here is to do these stretches SLOWLY!  Have yourself evaluated by a fitness trainer before starting any fitness program to make sure you are doing these with correct form.

Having great hip and torso speed is key to hitting the golf ball. The ability to separate the trunk from the torso is extremely important for this skill. In this video Brandon Harris CO-Founder of Premier Fitness Systems a Scottsdale Arizona gym that specializes in golf fitness and golf performance teaches you 5 exercises that will help you increase your ability to separate your lower and upper body.

Trunk Rotation with Physiop Ball.

Lay down on your back with your feet on top of the physioball. Outstretch the arms to form a T, palms down.  Raise the hip engaging the glutes.  Once the body is in a straight line, lift the right leg to perpendicular to the ground, rotate the leg over as far as you can. Hold for about 5 seconds.  Return to start position. Do again about 10 to 15 reps per side.

Thoracic Spine Rotation from a half kneel.

Get into a half-kneeling position with right leg up and left leg down.  Arms extended in front, palms together.  Turn your right arm back behind you as far as you can.  The goal is to get the right arm to be in a straight line with the right thigh.  10 or 15 reps per side.  Advanced – use a theraband between the hands and stretch the band back as far as you can. Sink down into the right heel for a few seconds.  Then bring the right forearm up and make contact with the right knee and push the knee outwards.

Thoracic Spine Rotation from a Push-Up Position.

Start from a push-up position. Shoulders are always stacked over the wrist.  Bring your right foot up to the outside of the right hand. From there extend the arm upwards and rotate the torso are far as you can stacking the top arm over the bottom arm. After a one-two count, bring the arm down and go back to the push-up position. Now do the other side exactly the same.  10 or 15 times per side.

Cherry Picker.

Feet wide apart and get the body as low as possible, hands to the ground.   Move the hips from side to side to get a great groin stretch.  Once you feel warmed-up.  raise one arm up nd around tour body, stacking the bottom arm and the top arm.  About a one-two hold, return and do the other side.  10 to 15 times per side.

Source: Premier Fitness Systems   Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching Body Rotation Exercises for your Golf!  This really ads power to the golf swing!

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