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Be a Great Putter from 4 to 6 feet - Short Game Saturday #104.

Be a Great Putter from 4 to 6 feet – Short Game Saturday #104.

Be a Great Putter from 4 to 6 feet – Short Game Saturday #104.

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Our Final Short game Saturday for quite a while.  For two years, I have been doing the daily video blog, and I am now going to take a hiatus while I work on my new and upcoming “Teaching Platform” that will revolutionize the way I have been teaching.  I will be able to help thousands of golfers understand and improve their games over the coming years.  I cannot wait for what the future holds.  Browse around the website and email me at melsolegolf@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions. The teaching platform will go live in 2020.

Be a Great Putter from 4 to 6 feet!

This is a putting drill that has made a huge difference to my putting over the last four or five years.  It is a drill I do at least once a week, more if I find the time.  I have always felt that to become a good putter, you need to get proficient at the four to five-foot putt.  If you are good at these, you can be a little more aggressive with the longer putts because you are not afraid of going 2 or 3 feet past!

The Method.

Take six balls and start putting from about four or five feet.  No shorter than four and no longer than six. After you have holed six in a row, you can quit.  Do not quit until you have all six!  The next time you return to do your putting drill, you push your target to 12.  Two sets of six.  Again try not to quit until all twelve in a row have been holed.

Note: Set yourself a time limit, so if you cannot hole 12 in a row, you can still quit when your time limit is up.

Slowly build your target until you have the ability to hole 40 or 50 in a row. (You can definitely do this)  What is happening in your subconscious is seeing the ball go in the hole, and your belief system starts to build confidence in your ability to hole these putts.  Once you get to the golf course, you can step up to these distance putts, knowing you have the ability to hole them, and your putt total will slowly start to drop!  Good Luck!

Thanks to all my students and followers who have supported me over this time.  Stay tuned for this new venture coming down the pipe.  I look forward to having you all along on this future journey!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Be a Great Putter from 4 to 6 feet – Short Game Saturday #104.

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