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Awesome Low Stinger Fade - Trouble Shot Tuesday #82

Awesome Low Stinger Fade – Trouble Shot Tuesday #82

Awesome Low Stinger Fade – Trouble Shot Tuesday #82

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My inspiration for today’s troubleshot came this weekend from Matt Kucher who played this miraculous shot out of the trees at the Houston Open.  He had to hit a low shot to get under a tree in front of him and then cut it in order to get to the green.  His shot took off really low, went under the tree, and then climbed like a jet plane and peeled off to the right.  The ball bounced just short of the green, took the break of the green and rolled to about 20 feet!  What a great shot!

The Method.

Start by placing the ball slightly back in your stance. Just slightly forward of center. Aim slightly to the left and select a two-hybrid or low iron (like a 2 or 3 iron) As you swing through, try to prevent your hands from turning over.  Hold your lower hand under and do not let the toe of the club pass the heel through impact.  This will leave the clubface slightly open and produce a low shot that will curve off to the right. Try and rotate your body as fast as you can to prevent the clubhead from passing your hands.  This will give you the forward shaft lean that will help keep this shot low!

Try this shot on the range each time you go out to practice.  It’s a fun shot to work on and will add to your ever-growing arsenal of shots you are learning from the Mel Sole Golf School!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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