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Are Your Daily Habits Ruining your Golf Game - Fitness Friday #80

Are Your Daily Habits Ruining your Golf Game – Fitness Friday #80

Are Your Daily Habits Ruining your Golf Game – Fitness Friday #80

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There are daily habits we do on a regular basis without even thinking.  Some of these are affecting your posture and the way you swing a golf club.  How? you ask.  Follow along with The Fit Golfer Girl, Carolina Romero, as she walks you through ways to eliminate the daily habits that increase the harm you are doing to your body without even realizing it!

Daily Habits.

Sitting for a long time.  Slouching.  Bending at the neck. Typing for long periods. Stressing out.

How to Fix these Problems!

Stretch out your Hip Flexors.  Get into a staggered position with one of your knees on a chair or a bench. Shift your hips forward and engage your glutes. Repeat on the other side.

Strengthen the back.  Use exercises like external rotation reverse fly.  Use light weights and lie on an incline board.  Rotate your arms so your thumbs are pointing upward.

Relax and Release your Traps!  Place two tennis balls under your shoulders on the tightest spots in your upper body. Hold until you feel the muscles release. Lift your hips to intensify the tension, and lift your arms up and down you get a full workout of these muscles.

Stretch your Wrists.  While keeping your arm outstretched, simply pull back the fingers of the outstretched arm.  Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side. Try using a table to intensify the stretch.  A great exercise to do at work after prolonged typing.


Source: Fit Golfer Girl   Carolina Romero   Mel Sole Golf School.

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