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David Olberding is a Class "A" PGA Pro.

Another Drill for Great Pitching – Short Game Saturday #81.

Another Drill for Great Pitching – Short Game Saturday #81.

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This week David Olberding, Class A PGA Instructor at the Mel Sole Golf School, walks you through a drill he teaches his students to improve their pitching.

Two of the most important keys to great pitching are cocking your wrists and grip pressure.  If the grip pressure is too tight, then it is almost impossible to cock the wrists correctly. In this drill, David Olberding, lead instructor at the Mel Sole Golf School, demonstrates how to check both of these keys.

The Method.

Cock the wrist by bringing the club up directly in front of you.  Make sure the angle between the wrists and the forearms is about 90 degrees.  Then relax the grip pressure completely and let the club fall naturally to the ground.  Do this a couple of times to get the feeling of allowing the club to fall naturally to the ground.  Now, cock your wrists again. But this time, rotate your arms to the rear until your lead arm is parallel to the ground.  Now, as you swing through, let your grip pressure relax and let the club fall to the ground naturally, as seen in the video. 

Do this several times without a ball until it feels comfortable, and you can hear a gentle thump as the trailing edge of the club strikes the ground.  You can now introduce a ball and do the same thing.  Rotate the body through until the hips and chest face the target with your lead arm extended in front of you.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Another Drill for Great Pitching – Short Game Saturday #81.

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