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An Escape Shot - Trouble Shot Tuesday #69

An Escape Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #69.

An Escape Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #69.

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Landing up against an out-of-bounds fence or a wall is not the end of the world.  Learn this simple shot to get you out of trouble!

My ball is against the out-of-bounds wall that restricts my backswing.  I could take a drop away from the wall, but that is a penalty shot I don’t want to take.  Also, I could go back with a penalty as far as I like keeping the point where the ball lay between me and the hole, but that is an out-of-bounds wall, so I don’t have that option.

Practice trouble shots almost as much as regular shots.  When you see the PGA players hit these miraculous recovery shots, it’s because they practice them regularly. Nothing is left to chance.  I personally practice hitting left-handed shots regularly if I have to play a shot like that on the course in the not too distant future.  You never know!

The Method.

You want to stand as if you were hitting the ball parallel to the wall.  This way, the wall won’t impede the backswing.  Hood the clubface so that the clubface aims at the target or where you want the ball to go.

The Execution.

You can now swing normally, and the ball will shoot off in the direction of the clubface angle.  The only unknown here is how hard to hit it.  The more you play, the better chance you have of making the right decision.  Head to the range and hit shots like this to see how far they go with a particular swing! 

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – An Escape Shot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #69.

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