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Add Smart Thinking to your Fairway Golf Shots - Trouble Shot Tuesday #98

Add Smart Thinking to your Fairway Golf Shots – Trouble Shot Tuesday #98

Add Smart Thinking to your Fairway Golf Shots – Trouble Shot Tuesday #98

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Smart thinking on the course takes into account that you are not going to hit every shot perfectly.  By thinking through the consequences of a mis-hit you can make an educated decision based on your ability and your playing conditions.  Playing out of a fairway bunker should be played exactly like you would play your fairway shots!  So if I was going to hit a 6 iron from the fairway, I would hit a 6 iron from the bunker.  I do not bury my feet in the sand.  The only time I would do that is if the sand was really soft and I had a good chance of slipping. I would then have to grip down slightly on the club to compensate for the lost height.

The Method.

Move the ball slightly back in your stance to ensure that you are going to hit the ball first.  This will give the ball a slightly lower trajectory but will impart a lot of spin.  So the ball will stop fairly quickly once it hits the green.  Take into account the trouble around the green and make your decision based on that.  Sometimes missing the green completely is a smart play, especially if there is water or out of bounds involved!

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