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A New Hip Rotation Stretch for Speed - Fitness Friday #88.

A New Hip Rotation Stretch for Speed – Fitness Friday #88.

A New Hip Rotation Stretch for Speed – Fitness Friday #88.

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We have  Mike Pedersen as our host today.  Mike is the owner of performbettergolf.com and is a fitness trainer specializing in fitness, flexibility, and strength in the golf swing!

If you have tight hip flexors, it is tough to fire the hips from the top of the backswing to help the body generate more speed.  Follow along as Mike demonstrates one of the best stretches ever to loosen up those hips!  These are exercises you can do at home or before a round.  You don’t need any equipment, so do this as a pre-round warm-up to really give your game a boost!

The Method.

Get into a straddle position. (standing with a wide stance) Rotate out your left foot about 30 degrees. Then rotate your right hip inward until you feel an excellent stretch in the upper thigh area.  At this point, bend your right knee and do a slide sideways, lunge to the right to stretch those hip flexors even more.  Hold for about 10 seconds.  Stand up, turn your right foot back in and turn your left foot out about 30 degrees. Rotate the right hip in and bend the left knee.  Slide the hips in a sideways lunge to stretch the left hip flexors even more. Bring your left leg back to the starting position.

Then do a few wide squats to help loosen the hip joints.   Repeat this entire exercise for two or three reps.

Source: Perform Better Golf   Mike Pedersen   Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – A New Hip Rotation Stretch for Speed – Fitness Friday #88.

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