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9 Out of 10 Golfers Play With Clubs That Don’t Fit Them Properly

A recent study commissioned by Sports Illustrated Golf Group and Golfsmith, found that 90% of US golfers may be playing with wrong equipment for their swings. Sports and Leisure Research Group’s study was reported in recent issues of GOLF Magazine and Sports Illustrated Golf Plus.

Mizuno Performance Fitting SystemWhat’s the good news? Survey results showed that a whopping 92% of golfers who were custom fit for new equipment realized immediate benefits to their game. 80% of custom-fit golfers hit the ball more accurately and consistently. Proof of this success, from the ten guinea-pig golfers, whose progress was tracked for the first few months with new clubs, can be found here.

My belief in the value of clubfitting has led to my use of the Zelocity Launch Monitor and also the Mizuno Performance Fitting System at my golf school in Pawleys Island SC. These computerized measurement devices have raised clubfitting to a fine art. Several of my custom-fit students have dropped five strokes per round, gained distance, and now hit the ball much straighter. What I like best as a golf instructor, is that these golfers can continue to improve their games following their lessons. Yes, they produce better swings under close supervision at my academy; but once they leave us, they need every advantage possible to keep the momentum going. Playing with clubs that fit their ‘swing DNA’ is a huge advantage.

Please leave me a comment below and tell me if you’ve been custom fitted for clubs or if that is still on your bucket list, as one of my students reported. We offer FREE clubfitting with our regular-priced schools. With discounted schools, clubfitting is only $80 – and that is waived if you purchase clubs. You’re under no obligation – it’s just a good idea to get all your specs recorded for any future purchases. So please let me know in advance if you’d like to do a woods or irons fitting, and I’ll set aside extra time for you.

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