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5 Things I'd Like To See Happen in Golf.

5 Things I’d Like To See Happen in Golf.

5 Things I’d Like To See Happen in Golf.

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1. I’d like to see Tiger Woods become healthy.

Physically & mentally, and be competitive again on the PGA Tour. No matter what your personal feelings may be for Tiger, he has done more for golf than anyone outside of Arnie & Jack in the history of the game. Golf needs Tiger, and Tiger needs golf.


5 Things I'd Like To See Happen in Golf.

Tiger moves the needle more than any other player!

2. A Professional Women’s golf tournament at Augusta National.

It would be fabulous to see the Solheim Cup or maybe the new International Crown event held at the hallowed grounds of the Masters’ Tournament. Hey, now that the Royal & Ancient Golf Club have finally voted to allow women members… it’s time Augusta opened up to professional women’s golf!

5 Things I'd Like To See Happen in Golf.

An LPGA event would be really cool at Augusta National.


3. Celebrity Women’s Pro-Am Tournament.

The guys have the AT&T Pebble Pro-Am. It would be very entertaining to watch female celebs from other sports and the entertainment world compete in an LPGA event that raises funds for a large charity. And, as Mechelle Voepel wrote for espnW.com, “Make it fun and edgy. How about inviting Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia, Jennifer Lawrence & Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift & Katy Perry,…..”

5 Things I'd Like To See Happen in Golf.

Heather Locklear, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Cheryl Ladd.

4. Bring Back the ‘old’ Q-school for men.

I agree with Shane Bacon, who says that the new format is the worst for the Devil Ball Golf blog. Out of 152 guys, who still must play 6 grueling rounds, only one player wins full Web.com status for the next season. Not good.


5 Things I'd Like To See Happen in Golf.

I would love to see the old format return!

5. Laser flag sticks.

We’ve heard this idea before about goalposts in football or the foul pole in baseball, so why not golf? If instead of old school flag sticks that get in the way of a good shot, we had a simple laser or hologram that shines up from the bottom of the cup to indicate where the pin is, it would take away guys getting completely hosed when they pull off an almost perfect golf shot (Also, easy sponsorship opportunity with the “Star Wars” franchise).


5 Things I'd Like To See Happen in Golf.

Laser LED Light towers could be used in the hole instead of flags!

Source:  Rosemary Sole.  Mel Sole Golf School

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Thanks for reading – 5 Things I’d Like To See Happen in Golf  My wishlist!

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