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5 Golf Legends Strange but True Stories.

5 Golf Legends Strange but True Stories.

5 Golf Legends Strange but True Stories. #2 and #3 surprised me the most!

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I always find it fascinating reading about things we did not know about famous people.  Like the fact that days before Gary Player won the British Open at St. Andrews, he was so broke that he could not afford a hotel.  So he slept in a bunker!

Here are some more fascinating facts about our golf legends’, provided by Luke Kerr-Dineen at Golf Digest.

1. Raymond Floyd.

In his teens turned down a contract to pitch for the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

2. Jack Nicklaus.

Once had polio.

3. Sam Snead.

His mother gave birth to him at age 49. WOW!

4. Gary Player.

Used to win bets by walking on his hands all the way around the edge of billiard tables.

Click on the link below for 13 more interesting facts.


And Ryan Ballengee of Devil Ball Golf gives us the story on Phil.


5 Golf Legends Strange but True Stories.

Phil Mickelson and “Bones” have been together since 1992.

5. Phil Mickelson and caddie.

 In 1992 Arizona State golf coach Steve Loy asked caddie Jim Mackay, a.k.a. “Bones,” if he could suggest someone caddie for Phil Mickelson. The conversation was cut short at a Tour stop when Mackay’s then-boss arrived, ready to work. Mackay sent a note to Loy shortly afterward, apologizing for leaving quickly and offering to be available for further conversation.

 It turns out that Mickelson saw the note and was impressed.  Phil hired ‘Bones’ for his professional PGA Tour debut at the 1992 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

And the rest is history! They’ve shared 41 PGA Tour wins, including 5 major titles.

Go here for the rest of the story.


 Source: Luke Kerr-Dineen   Golf Digest   Ryan Ballengee   Devil Ball Golf  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Julie Campbell

Thanks for reading – 5 Golf Legends Strange but True Stories.  I did not know Nicklaus had Polio!

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