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4 items that should be in your golf bag!

4 items that should be in your golf bag!

4 items that should be in your golf bag! #4 is a must!

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If golfers are serious about improving their games, at least 4 items should always be in your golf bag.  

1. Always have alignment sticks in your golf bag.

Without these, how do you ensure your alignment is always correct on the range!

2. Keep a Rangefinder in your bag.  

Know the distances you hit the ball with each club.  Your scores will reflect your improved accuracy!

3. Carry an Orange Whip.  

Check out the link if you do not know what this is.

4. A Putting Alignment Mirror is a must in your golf bag.

This is an absolute must!  You will not believe how your putting will improve.

If you miss any of these items, make sure to rectify this in the next few days.  If you do, your golf game will be well on the way to improving.

And, Oh yes, please use these products!  Don’t just leave them in the trunk of your car.  Please keep them in your bag at ALL times!

The final step would be to take instruction from a good instructor!

The Putting Alignment Mirror is the perfect way to get ready to play. Toss it down, line it up, check your setup lines, and build confidence. Check your putter face alignment, eye position and throw it back in your bag. It has putter gate slots to assure sweet-spot contact. Head to the 1st tee hunting for birdies.

Check out Kevin Streelman, a PGA Tour player working on his putting stroke at home using the Putting Alignment Mirror.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School. Eye Line Golf

Thanks for watching – 4 items that should be in your golf bag!  I hope you have all 4!

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