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4 Exercise Circuit - Fitness Friday #43

4 Exercise Circuit – Fitness Friday #43

4 Exercise Circuit – Fitness Friday #43

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Today’s guest is Paige Spiranac who demonstrates a fitness circuit designed specifically to help your golf game that you can do in the comfort of your home.  Follow along with Paige and personal trainer Steven Stinoco as they walk you through a routine that will improve all aspects of your golf game!

This 4 exercise circuit can be done in your home with a simple band and a medicine ball.  If you do not have a medicine ball, use something with some weight similar to the 6 lb medicine ball.

1. Squat/Shoulder Press.

Take a strong rubber band that you can find in any exercise store, place it under your feet and get into a athletic position.  Do the ssquat keeping the back straight and the knees directly under you.  As you stand up, do a press, pushing the band up above your head.  Do that as many times as you can.

2. Russian Twist.

In a seated position on the floor, lift the knees so both your body and your thighs are at 45 degrees.  Twist and touch the ball on the ground.  10 on each side.

3. Jump Lung.

Do 10 lunges but change feet by jumping.  Tough one!

4. One Minute Plank. 

Exactly what it says.  Keep the body in a straight line and hold for a 1-minute minimum.  More if you can.

There you have it.  This is a routine you would need to do almost every day to get great results!


Source: Golf.com      Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching 4 Exercise Circuit – Fitness Friday #43  Great workout!

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