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11 reasons to start a fitness program.

11 reasons to start a fitness program.

11 reasons to start a fitness program.

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I have always been a proponent of keeping fit and working out to improve or maintain your golf game.  Strength and flexibility are necessary elements to do that.  Karen Palacios Jensen has put together a 31-day Golf Fitness Program Challenge to encourage you to get in golf shape.  Here is an excerpt from that challenge.

Golf Exercises Help You :

Hit it Longer.

Doing golf-specific strength and speed exercises is one of the fastest ways to improve your distance off the tee.

Hit More Solid Golf Shots.

When you improve your fitness, you improve your body’s ability to move fluidly and effectively, therefore delivering more power to the ball with less effort. Likewise, improving your mobility, strength, and balance will help you execute your golf swing more efficiently to make better and more consistent contact with the ball.

Prevents Injury.

According to the National Safety Council, golfers suffered approximately 35,000 injuries that required a trip to the emergency room or doctor last year. Strengthening your muscles, especially in your body’s midsection or core, offers protection to the rest of your body. In addition, a strong core improves the performance of your other muscles, therefore helping to prevent chronic nagging and acute injuries.

Play Longer.

Being fit is the key to golf longevity. As we age, we lose flexibility and strength, so the more fit you are, the more you can ward off the negative effects of aging.

Perform at Your Peak.

When your body and mind are fit and strong, you can perform at your highest level.

To read the rest of these 11 great fitness tips, go here!

Source: Karen Palacios Jensen

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Thanks for reading – 11 reasons to start a fitness program.  If you don’t start today, you never will!

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