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Alumni Program

The Alumni Curriculum is for graduates of our 3 Day Golf School only.

The Alumni program is available to golfers with a 24 or lower handicap. (Golfers who can break 100 for 18 holes fairly regularly, for example.) Players who don’t regularly break 100 receive much more benefit from developing their skills at the range with their Instructor. The repetition of correct technique and constant attention of the Teacher is required to take your game to a level that warrants course management work. Therefore, we recommend that these players retake the regular 3 day program.

2 HALF-DAYS at our learning center, PLUS a 9-hole on-course lesson.

First Day (9am-12:30pm) If you’re joining day 2 of a 3-day school already in progress, you may be requested to arrive 30 minutes before regular class starts (8:30am instead of 9am). This will give us time to video tape your swing and provide analysis, so that you’re “up to speed” when the rest of the class arrives. We’ll advise you in advance if we’d like you to report at 8:30am. Next you’ll spend an hour on full swing drills on the practice tee. Followed by work on pitching and bunker shots OR chipping and putting. Towards the end of the day, more video analysis will highlight improvements as well as areas of your swing that need more work the following day.

Afternoon of first day at approx 1:30pm: In a 9-hole, on-course playing lesson, the Instructor helps you with course management, club selection and shot-making strategies.

Second Day (9am-12:30pm) More work, for about an hour, at the learning center on full swing drills. We then move to pitching and bunker shots OR chipping and putting (whatever was not covered on day 1). Near the end of the day you’ll join your Teacher inside the classroom for final video viewing. We will discuss practice plans, as well as info on our follow-up services. Student is given a personal CD of the lessons for follow-up practice.

Book an Alumni Program Now or call us at 1-800-624-4653 for more information.

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